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About Sedan Magic

  • What is Sedan Magic?

    From the makers of the #1 free taxi app, Taxi Magic, Sedan Magic is the most convenient way to book and manage sedan rides, connecting you with the best black car services throughout your city. With the Sedan Magic mobile app, you can quickly and easily book nearby available sedans or schedule a ride for later. You can also track your rides and pay through the mobile app.

    How can I get Sedan Magic?

    Sedan Magic is currently available for iPhone users. An Android version will be available soon. It is free to download.

Managing Rides

  • How do I book a ride?

    Rides are booked within the Sedan Magic app in three simple steps. First, let the app know when you want to ride (right now or at some point over the next 24 hours). Second, input your pickup and dropoff locations. Third, review your trip details and the quoted price. If everything checks out, tap “Order my ride” and our system will assign a ride that fits your request. Please note: quoted prices do not include tolls and additional surcharges such as luggage fees incurred during the ride.
  • Can I request a particular car type?

    At this time, Sedan Magic is unable to guarantee a specific type of car. In most cases, you will be assigned a standard luxury sedan suitable for four passengers.

  • How do I cancel a ride?

    Once you’ve booked a ride, you can cancel it by tapping the cancel link at the bottom of the Ride Details screen of the mobile app.

  • What is the price for my ride?

    Currently, rates are controlled by the fleet and quoted trip prices are based off fleet zone prices. Prior to booking a ride, you can review the quoted price for your trip on the trip review screen.

  • I am not getting a price when I ride. What should I do?

    In a small number of instances, users are not quoted a price on the booking screen of the app. This is an issue we are working to address with our fleet partner. You can still go ahead and book the ride, but we are unable in these cases to provide a price quote. If you want a quoted price, tap on the empty price box and an alert will appear listing the fleet phone number. A fleet representative can give you a quoted price.

  • How are prices calculated for rides?

    Price is calculated post-booking; the quoted price is available on the Ride Details screen.

    Please note: quoted prices do not include tolls and additional surcharges, such as luggage fees, incurred during the ride.

  • Will I be charged a cancellation fee?

    Please note that many of our fleet partners have specific cancellation policies that may result in you being charged a fine. You can link to the specific cancellation policy through the Ride Details screen. In most cases, there is no cancellation fee if a ride has not been dispatched. If a ride has been dispatched, users may be responsible for some or all of the quoted fare.

Manage My Account

  • What if I already use Taxi Magic?

    If you are already a registered Taxi Magic user, simply log into Sedan Magic with your Taxi Magic credentials.

    I don’t know my password. How can I reset it?

    We are working to offer a password reset option in the mobile app. For now, please visit the Sedan Magic homepage and click on the “LogIn” button. From the login menu, select "I Forgot my Password." Enter your email, click “reset” and you will receive reset instructions to your registered email account.

    When I register, it says my phone number is already in use.

    If you are a Taxi Magic user, please login using your Taxi Magic credentials. In rare cases, the previous owner of your phone number registered for Taxi Magic. Please email detailing the issue and we will work with you to ensure your profile connects with your phone number.

Payment & Assistance

  • How do I pay for a ride?

    All rides are paid for with a credit card entered and stored in the mobile app. Users will need to enter a credit card upon registration to access the Sedan Magic app and book a ride.

  • How can I retrieve a receipt for my ride?

    Currently, the fleet providers will email you a receipt after the ride. Please note that sedan fleets require time to calculate the cost of the ride and complete the transaction. You should receive your email receipt within 1-3 business days, but in certain cases it could take up to two weeks.

  • What should I do if I have service or billing issues?

    For most service or billing issues, you should reach out directly with the assigned fleet. For rides in progress (ordered or dispatched), the Ride Details page provides tap-to-call buttons to connect you with the fleet or your assigned driver.

    If you have issues related to Sedan Magic service, please contact us by sending an email to detailing your issue. If your issue is related to a specific ride, please include ride information (email associated with your account, date, time, name of fleet, etc.)

  • How can I retrieve an item I left behind in my sedan?

    Don’t worry, this happens a lot. Please send an email to describing your lost item and your specific ride details (you can pull this information directly from your Magic Account). We’ll work with the driver and fleet to locate your lost item and get it returned to you.